8Cell Laptop Battery for Asus M70 X72VR X72F X71VN M70L M70S M70V N70S N90S A42-M70 A32-F70 A32-M70 Series

8Cell Laptop Battery for Asus M70 X72VR X72F X71VN M70L M70S M70V N70S N90S A42-M70 A32-F70 A32-M70 Series

HUF 6342.30


Capacity :
5200m Ah
Voltage :
14.8 V
Color :
Fart Number : for ASUS 07 G0165 A1875 07 G016 WQ1865 15 G10 N3792 YO 15 G10 N3792 T0 70-NFU1 B1000 Z 70-NFU1 B1100 Z 70-NFU1 B1300 Z 70-NSQ1 B1100 PZ 70-NSQ1 B1100 Z 70-NSQ1 B1200 PZ 70-NSQ1 B1200 Z 70-NU51 B1000 Z 70-NU51 B2100 PZ 70-NU51 B2100 Z 90-NFU1 B1000 Y 90 R-NTC2 B1000 Y A32-F70 A32-M70 A41-M70 A42-M70 L0690 LC
Fit Laptop Models :
for ASUS F70 Series(All) for ASUS F70 S for ASUS F70 SL
for ASUS G71 Series(All) for ASUS G71 G for ASUS G71 GX
for ASUS G71 V for ASUS G71 VG for ASUS G72 Series(All)
for ASUS G72 G for ASUS G72 GX for ASUS G72 V
for ASUS M70 Series(All) for ASUS M70 L for ASUS M70 S
for ASUS M70 SA for ASUS M70 SR for ASUS M70 T
for ASUS M70 TL for ASUS M70 V for ASUS M70 VC
for ASUS M70 VM for ASUS M70 VN for ASUS M70 VR
for ASUS N70 Series(All) for ASUS N70 S for ASUS N70 SV
for ASUS N90 Series(All) for ASUS N90 S for ASUS N90 SC
for ASUS N90 SV for ASUS X71 Series(All) for ASUS X71 A
for ASUS X71 Q for ASUS X71 S for ASUS X71 SL
for ASUS X71 SR for ASUS X71 T for ASUS X71 TL
for ASUS X71 TP for ASUS X71 V for ASUS X71 VM
for ASUS X71 VN for ASUS X72 Series(All) for ASUS X72 D
for ASUS X72 DR for ASUS X72 F for ASUS X72 J
for ASUS X72 JK for ASUS X72 JR for ASUS X72 V
for ASUS X72 VM for ASUS X72 VN for ASUS X72 VR
Brief Instruction for Use
1.For use a new battery, you'd better try a few cycles of discharging to 5% ,then charging
up to 95%.
2.Do not always run out of a battery to 0%,this would make it damaged or usage life
3.Do not put away a battery for a long time(more than 2 months),this would cause cells
inside of a battery losing balance,
the battery will not be charged up again or its lasting time shortens,so do charge a
battery at least one time within two months.
4.Do not disassemble,crush or puncture;do not short external contacts.do not dispose of in
fire or water.
5.Choose correct laptop adapter,if a replacement battery is not charged,perhaps your
adapter can not be compatible with it.
1.We just accept payment via ESCROW.
1.Normally,Items will be shipped out within 24 hours after the payment has been cleared.
(Sat. & Sun. & Holidays excluded).
2.Tracking No. will be available. If you do not receive the items,let us know,we will sort
you out as soon as possible .
3.Items will be delivered to your address, Please confirm it is correct. Providing
your phone number would be better,it is useful for couriers if you r address is hard to look
for or you are not there.
It is very important that a correct address can avoid delay or item loss, buyers have to pay
return shipping cost due to wrong or undeliverable address.
4.We offer global shipping via Registered Airmail.
5.Buyers should consider the customs duty in you country, which is not included in your
payment,but we will delare at the lowest price.
1.3 years Warranty, money back guaranteed within 30days from the date of purchase.
2.Our warranty does not apply to : a).cosmetic damage b).damage by accident,abuse,
liquid contact,fire,earthquake,miuse,or other external causes.c).a product has been
disassembled,crushed,punctured,short external contacts.
3.if you receive any faulty items,please let us know as soon as possible.
We would appreciate your positive feedback,and your advices are welcome.

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Termék Állapota:
Márka Név:
Akkumulátor Kapacitás:
>5001 forgalomba hozatali engedély jogosultja
Akkumulátor Feszültség:
14.8 V
Kompatibilis Márka:
Modell Száma:

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